JorZine - Interview with Nader Sadek - Part I

Interview with Nader Sadek - Part I

Band: Nader Sadek

By: Ahmed Ali Atteya - 2015-06-30

Arabian artists who made it far and wide especially in the Metal section of music are very few, to the limit that you can actually name them in your head like what you all did right now. Till now it is still the same struggle against social awkwardness if you are wearing a black t-shirt with the name of your favorite band on it, or a symbol that might look to them like a satanic cross or whatever is their interpretation of what’s on your t-shirts. Anyhow that’s not why I decided to conduct that interview with this person.


His name is NADER SADEK, an Egyptian musician, visual artist and songwriter born 16th October 1980, raised in a rowdy side road off downtown main streets, between a very well-known sweet house and a bank I keep failing to remember its name, was the door to his house. You can start stereotyping the place starting now! That antique elevator enabled us to watch the main hall with the old gate keeper sitting like he doesn’t care. Building’s walls as old as time itself, high and covered in history and memories of pre-republic Egypt.


Down the hall in his floor we stepped into his apartment. Very high walls with too few pieces of furniture here and there viewed by the rooms that took the shape of a crescent facing you, As my eyes strolled politely across the place it stopped for a minute or two on the Kingdom of Egypt’s coat of arms covered in dust and shadows beside the main office which every old house had back in the days, The words “Long live the king“ were in Arabic under the crescent embracing three golden stars.


This interview – for me – was a rule breaker, which happened to be the same for Nader as well. Both of us aren’t the biggest fans of online type-and-send kinda interviews, Also that was both our first face-to-face interview. I found him the contrary of my imagination, thought I will meet a death metal artist who will be speaking deeply and glaring me if I mention any other band or genre. I found myself in the presence of an easy going man, looksnothing like a man in his prime, wearing a DEICIDE black t-shirt. I introduced myself and agreed with him this won’t be a typical interview; it will be more of a meet-and-greet with a professional touch. And to emphasize the friendliness of the sit-down, we were accompanied by his nameless cat.


The meeting went on as chitchat but I will wrap it up for you in form of questions, and it went like this:



1. We would like to unmask you for the fans to get to know who you really are, so please introduce yourself.


Nader: I’m Nader, born here, left Egypt to Minnesota, U.S.A for a chance at Minneapolis College of Art and Design. I went there with a dream of becoming a comic book artist, to realize that it’s not your own talent is what you need to become professional and famous, it’s practice, practice and more practice. Actually my passion for drawing appeared on the album art for my latest album "The Malefic: Chapter III". I live between New York and Cairo with plans to make Cairo my musical headquarters in the near future.


2. How did the transition from an artistic boy to a Death Metal musician happen?


Nader: It happened back in the USA as well, I remember when I first attended my first metal concert it was for a Death Metal band, since then I made sure I attended each and every gig I heard about, read about, was told about through friends or colleagues or knew it is happening in town. They were so many that I remember attending a gig for ANAL CUNT (!) which is a sort of a well-known Grindcore band. The brutality and the speedy art in death metal is what fascinated me all in all.


After that I had the privilege to attend over 10 concerts for CANNIBAL CORPSE which helped me build a taste for old school Death Metal that I adopted in the my artistic mixture.


3. So we get from what you said you never listened to metal before hitting Minneapolis?


Nader: Of course not, my older brother used to be a metal head, back in the days he grabbed me by the hand introducing my mind to METALLICA, ANTHRAX, MEGADETH and SLAYER. I never liked the “normal” Heavy Metal style but I was interested in how sinister and fast SLAYER sounded. They can easily reach the rank of my favorite bands alongside DEICIDE.


By this stage we took a tea break, moved the conversation out to the main office. I recognized it was the same space MAYHEM’s Attila Csihar played his side project VOID OV VOICES right after their show in Sakkia two months ago. After the break we went on…


4. Why petrol?

Nader: I believe that we are all petrol addicts. Everything runs on petrol somehow, even feelings. To impress a girl you need to have a car – as an example – which runs on petrol, So that deviant matter on some level runs and directs how people feel about you. It's true I had this concept in mind since my childhood as my late father was a chemist who transferred the fascination and effect of matter and material on life, death, and all creatures. We die and we go under earth, beneath the crust of earth, dead bodies turn into petrol and natural gas, but mostly petrol, which gives a simple yet dark vision that death controls life, controls future. We use death and all its extracts to run life.


5. Never thought of it that way to be honest!


Nader: (continues) hence the names of most of my tracks in "Living Flesh" such as "Mechanic Idolatry", "Petrophilia". Such idea of how foul and sinister petrol can be I used in my Baptism in black art show upon the 25th of January revolution.


6. Some of your fans are confused, is NADER SADEK the name of the band?


Nader: let's agree that NADER SADEK is not a band, we may put it that way: I pick the super group than can reflect the "soundtrack" of my artistic show on stage through death metal tunes while I carry on with my show. It's a solid mixture; the music and the petrol show are hardly separable. The music translates the show.


7. Congratulations by the way for the successful gigs in Egypt and in Neurotic Deathfest, we have a good sum of questions surrounding both events.


Nader: Sure man! Go ahead. Shoot.


8. Super! First things first, how did it go convincing the machine Hannes Grossmann (NECROPHAGIST, OBSCURA, ALKALOID), Attila Csihar (MAYHEM / VOID OV VOICES), alongside Seth Van de Loo (SEVERE TORTURE) to join forces over river Nile?


Nader: One of the perks of working as a visual artist in the world's metal scene that you make good contacts, most of metal musicians don't have the Rock stars' head-in-the-clouds syndrome. They know that their art is fought fiercely so they want to be creative and out there all around the world. Also I made my wish clear to make Cairo the collection point for the NADER SADEK project members. Luckily those guys come frequently to Egypt even without me, they enjoy it here and were astonished with how exploding was the energetic crowd was. Though they did gigs more than they can remember but it felt like the first time onstage when they came to Egypt and found the fans chanting their names, taking pictures, glaring at them with respect and wonder.


After that we had Neurotic Deathfest in Tilburg, the Netherlands alongside huge names like BLOODBATH, IMMOLATION and OBITUARY. We had some marvelous feedback on the spot there and from people who saw videos from the event so it went perfecto! Unfortunately we weren't joined by our new bassist Dmitry Khoury of MEPHOSTOPHILIS due to failure in finalizing his travel documents because to be honest that gig was in a very short notice, so we had to play without a bassist, but we pulled it off alright.


9. This takes us to another question which is why specifically MEPHOSTOPHILIS to chose a bassist from and to give them the opportunity of opening up for your super group?


Nader: With all due respect to every band I met in Egypt, I found this band the most concentrated on their music, truth be told I hadn't the chance to listen to most of the other bands, those guys were the most, you know, out there when I was checking the scene in Cairo therefore I decided to join forces with the guys. As for Dmitry I can say he has so much potential, he's a fast learner and can adapt to the crazy speed of old school Death Metal we play quite easily.


10. Speaking of bands and gigs, Have you stumbled upon any "groupies" here in Egypt?


Nader: (Laughing) Well that's a very surprising question! Yes there are some of them but they don't know they are considered groupies, they think it's okay to be only attracted to the allure of the musician regardless of his personality. If he's popular and fits the stereotype then he's sexy as hell to them.


11. What's your plan for the next era for Egypt's Metal scene?


Nader: I took it on myself to start giving back to this growing community as I do see much potential and hunger to support top dollar musicians. People here are getting very weary of only underground bands in the same venues all the time. It's time for a shocking change. It will be better to merge the rising talents with the long term experience of top-dollar musicians. Imagine how it will be, Egypt will be the ultimate beacon and the main pillar of Middle Eastern new movement of Metal. I'm positive about that. Yeah!


12. We allowed ourselves to collect some direct questions from your fans when they knew we will be sitting down with you, we tried to pick out the best there is but fortunately you answered everything already! Someone is a clairvoyant.


Nader: I'm happy to answer anything they need to know.


13. Do you have any upcoming projects in mind?


Nader: I do, but I will have to keep it a secret for now. Of course you guys will know about it once it's official. And don't worry it's gonna be as huge as the first gig.


14. Thank you for hosting us, Nader. We assure you that there will be a part II to this meeting in the near future.


Nader: Thank YOU guys for such an amazing time and interview. I have to give you the credit upon this, never have I ever liked an online interview or any media collaboration that includes typing, typing, and more typing. You made my day.


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