JorZine - Interview with Tony Martin

Interview with Tony Martin

Band: Tony Martin

By: Mohsen Fayyazi - 2012-08-05

You can call him a Metal god as he was a part of heavy Metal creators, the legendary band BLACK SABBATH. Anthony Martin Harford, best known as Tony Martin, is an amazing heavy metal vocalist and he was BLACK SABBATH 's second longest serving vocalist after Ozzy Osbourne. Jorzine's Mohsen Fayyazi had a chance to have an interview with him and ask some questions. You may find his answers interesting, check them out below:

JZ: Hi Tony, this is Mohsen from Iran. It’s really nice to talk with you, how are you doing today?


Hi…. Thanks I am ….. erm .. good I think….. !??


JZ: You’re a multi instrumental artist, would you tell us how did you find you were interested about in music and which of those instruments are you favourites?


My favourite instrument is which ever one I can get the best result with at the time … I love playing different things and it may be that I am only good at one thing on that instrument but I love trying them out anyway….. I can remember when I was maybe 3 or 4 years old and my family playing songs and them all singing along and I recall I really liked the melody ….. but then I became a guitarist and it went down hill from there really!


JZ: You were working with such great musicians like Toni Iommi, Cozy Powell, Brian May, Neil Murray and …etc I'd like to know if you had a favourite musician to work with and what the best era for you in your career?


Well obviously the most important was the Sabbath era I don’t really have a favourite musician but the one I was impressed by most was Cozy…. But the nicest person … Brian …… its difficult to say … they were all great in some way or other….


JZ: I’ve always believed that it was either you or Ronnie James Dio who were the best candidates for the reunion of BLACK SABBATH, but as Ronnie passed away so there is only you. As a musician who was part of BLACK SABBATH, how do you feel about the band’s recent reunion, especially about the issues surrounding Bill Ward’s departure?


I don’t take much notice, I obviously know they are together but I didn’t expect a call anyway, Sabbath haven’t spoken to me in 15 years apart from one brief contact I saw Iommi in Russia at a festival. The Bill Ward thing I didn’t really get ….. all of the years that I was with Sabbath they never talked badly of Bill they always had funny stories or fond memories so I don’t quite understand why they wouldn’t go that extra effort to have him in the band. UNLESS, they are thinking lets leave Bill for now and then do ANOTHER reunion in a year or so and THEN get Bill in and make MORE money …. That’s just a guess, but otherwise I don’t get it.


JZ: How do you see metal music industry these days?


Very thin and sparse…. Its hard to see some thing new or original in many ways… but it is still a great genre of music that a lot of people enjoy so I think it should continue.


JZ: It was really a good surprise to read the news which said you are going to play your show in the UK that you will be sharing the stage with Blaze Bayley. Can you tell me about this show, how did you get the idea and how do you feel about it?


Well it’s the first time I have been able to perform a solo show in my own country, so it is a very special event in many ways. We were kinda forced into it because we had a festival date planned for that weekend in another place in England but the promoter cancelled the whole thing and we had to find another venue. A friend of mine Roy Davis, he is the Bass player with a band called SHY, runs a venue, the ASSYLUM, in Birmingham and I went to see him and he said he thought it would be a great show for his venue and then it just rolled from there!!


JZ: Would you tell us about the members, why did you choose them?


I chose them because they are friends and I think they are currently the best people to do the job, Geoff Nicholls from Black Sabbath on keyboards, Danny Needham from TM band and Venom on drums, Dario Mollo on guitars …. And Magnus Rosen from a band called Hammerfall on bass ……. Oh and some dude called Tony Martin.


JZ: What else you do in do your free time, any more kinds of arts?


Nooooo….. no time for arts…. I have various things going on and I try to keep it as varied as I can…. I love writing music when I have a clear head, and I love partying when I have a troubled mind.


JZ: Would you tell us about your next album and what’s going on with your project the TONY MARTIN BAND? What are Tony Martin’s plans for future?


I have 5 projects running right now most of them are Italian based acts, including an opera singer who wants me to work out a rock/opera style album … which I am very interested in. but lots of things keep me busy… Tony Martins HEADLESS CROSS is the LIVE act that plays the songs I have been responsible for .. its not currently a recording band… we all have our own commitments .. the future is what ever comes along … I never know what is next.. but the projects that I have recently done are the ones that will emerge in the next year or so.. including a new Giuntini album … keep in touch and you will see the various things happen.


JZ: As an old school metaller, what do you know about the metal scene in Middle East? Have you any plans to come in this part of the world and play gigs?


I have never had the opportunity, and I guess its because of all the usual reasons that people say….. I can guarantee that if it was made possible a lot of artists would go there. Music is essentially to bring inspiration and happiness to the fans who love it. But it has to be safe to do that ….. if that can happen then I am sure it will…. I have not yet been introduced to the metal of the middle east…. It sounds like there SHOULD be a metal scene there so I don’t know why it should surprise people to hear there is one!!!


JZ: As final word feel free to leave a message to your Middle Eastern fans here.


Wow.. if I was intelligent enough I would say something profound and meaningful, and I don’t think I have the words on my tongue to say what I think I should say …. Clearly an entire area of great people with passion and belief who have not seen the best of the western world but it is here and with music maybe it’s a way of reaching out …… to those who wish to listen, I salute you!!


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