JorZine - Interview with Midwinter

Interview with Midwinter

Band: Midwinter

By: Zaid Mousa - 2014-07-28

MIDWINTER are a promising Egyptian Doom Metal band yet to be known. They released a new track a couple of days ago, so we decided to share this interview we had with them two months ago. In it, the band tells us about their vision about music business, the Middle Eastern Metal scene and about their upcoming EP, which will be released soon.



1. MIDWINTER is a new band from Egypt. Tell me more about yourself. How did you come up with the band? Give me some info!


I (Alfred) came up with the band after my late departure of Candle Light's Lines. I started the band as a one man project, then I asked Moka (the drummer) and Grotesque (the bassist) to join the band so that we become a trio. And that's how MIDWINTER started.


2. Why have you chosen Doom Metal as genre for your band, and which are the bands that influenced you the most?

We chose Doom Metal as it was the genre that we were naturally creative at... Some bands influnced us, Moka's influences are BLACK SUN AEON, INSOMINUM. Grotesque's influences are MOURNING BELOVETH, PORCUPINE TREE. Alfred's influences are UARAL, SWALLOW THE SUN.

3. You have released a one minute track, titled “Colors of Gray”. my question is, is this track an intro for your upcoming album or it's just something you had done? What is it exactly?

It is an intro for the upcoming EP. However, we intend to go big on the next track to show off our capabilities and vision.


4. What was your fans’ reaction towards this track?


People liked it but it was too short to let them realize our potentials. Although the track mirrored our vision about Metal music that it's not just loud E chord distortions and destructive snare sounds. Metal can be musical as well.


5. You didn’t get a chance to perform on stage yet. Any concerts coming up soon?

Unfortunately, no. As it's hard to preform six instruments with only three members. We are strictly a studio band. We intend to make music for you to listen to rather than headbang live.


6. After your one minute track, are you planning to record an album soon?


Yes, we are recording a few tracks and we are planing to release the EP as soon as we get done with them. The EP will be released for free download online. Because, let's face it: the music industry in Egypt is not yet well supported, all the members in the band are taking music as a secundary interest because of our main interests such as education and work to make our living.


7. How do you see the Metal scene in Egypt and Middle East?


The scene is growing bigger. More bands are rising by the minute and many musicians with great talents are forming the image of the Heavy Metal music in Egypt.


8. It was nice to interview you guys. Is there anything you want to add?


Thank you, we just want to say support us and support your local musicians...



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