JorZine - Interview with Lord Mist

Interview with Lord Mist

Band: FrostAgrath

By: Azmo Lozmodial - 2013-05-29

Depressive Black Metal is one of the rarest and unsupported types of music in the Middle East, and creating such music needs a lot inspiration. Here is the Egyptian band FROSTAGRATH, which has released a demo and a full-length for all the DSBM fans around the world with its own flavor. We interview Lord Mist, the band's only member:



1 - When you first created the project, what factor of the project made you most uncomfortable? Which was the motivation behind creating the first materials?


First of all, it's a great honor for me to be in this interview with you. At the beginning, my big proplem was with the vocals, but then, I practised a lot to improve my skills till I finally achieved it. The motivation was the following: I try to get the negativity and the sorrow out of my mind, when I create the music or the lyrics I only write what I really feel at the momemnt. I Was really depressed back then. FROSTAGRATH is just a mirror of my mind...

2 - Have you been involved in any musical projects before FROSTAGRATH?


No, I haven't. But still I am forming a new raw Black Metal project with a friend of mine, we finished composing the tracks for an EP but we didn't record anything yet.

3 - Which bands/novels/movies inspired and motivated you the most? And what were your Metal influences?


In my full-length I was fascinated at that time with Dante Alighieri's "Divine Comedy", I have been reading it till now. I built the same idea of the album on the "Divine Comedy" that I imagine myself in a journey just to find my rest eventually. I Listen to different kinds of music that inspires me a lot like Jazz, Orchestra, Blues... etc. This is where I get most of my inspiration.


I am also so inluenced by the early raw Black Metal albums like DARKTHRONE's "Transilvanian Hunger", MAYHEM's "Death Crash"... I am a huge fan of other bands such as HYPOCRISY, NARGAROTH, DRUDKH, ANTI, XASTHUR, NYKTALGIA...and many more. I also try to mix between these different atmospheres. I think that's why my music can be considered different to a lot of Depressive Black Metal bands.

4 - 2013 has been a very busy year so far: you have recorded two albums and a single with your band, and the year has not reached its end yet! What could you tell us about these releases?


In the beginning of 2013, I have released my first full-length "A Journey Of Infinite Sorrow". I have released it via Visionaire Records DIGITALLY, then later I released it on CD-r via Rigorism Production. It went so well, only Few Copies are left there... It narrates a story of a soul that seeks the salvation, so it goes to a forest and finds a path and the spirits of solitude and sorrow speak to it, and tells it to enter the path towards the heart of the forest, and it shall find it's cure there, the cure that will be revealed in the last track titled "A Solitary Death In The Lost Pathway" which says that "Its salvation can only be done with a knife and suicide".

Then I released a single for free download entitled "Into A Dimensional Timeless Void", which I consider as my best track so far. It has an intense and melancholic atmosphere. I channeled a lot of dark emotions in that track. Every word in that lyrics I meant to say it totally.

5 - You've recently announced that you are going to participate in two songs from the upcoming album of the Iraqi band XATHRITES as guest vocalist. What can you tell us about this collaboration? Will we find something new from you in these tracks?

In fact that's true, Alex is a great friend of mine and he asked me to do the vocal part in two tracks from XATHRITES's new album. The tracks titles are "Screaming From Inside" and "Suicide Was My End". XATHRITES music reminds me of happy days. He is a great musician and I wish him the best of luck, they will have a brilliant future...


The new part from me is that I improved my vocals a little and used a new vocal pitches, some of it will be used in the new FROSTAGRATH's Full-Length (Extinguishing The Flame Of Life) a long with some other improvements in the vocals.

6 - FROSTAGRATH recently announced a split album with the Sri Lankan band VIRAGHA. What shall your fans expect from this new project?

VIRAGHA is definitely one of the best bands I have ever heard. Its atmosphere is close to mine. At first, I announced that it was going to be a two-track split, but after we re-thought it and it will finally be a four-track split. FROSTAGRATH will participate in two tracks and so does VIRAGHA. The release date or the record label hasn't been set yet, but it will be very soon. One of my two tracks will be also in my band's upcoming Full-Length. The track is titled "And Finally, The Death Caverns Will Carry Out My Soul". You can expect a new atmosphere more sorrow, more darkness, more suicidal. It will be a historical split, it may be one of the best splits of the year. So prepare yourselves to see FROSTAGRATH as you have never seen before. You won't want to miss that release.

7 - There are a lot of people against this type of music, do you have any difficulties in the current time?


Well, it's difficult to make a Depressive Black Metal band in Egypt, because in Egypt there aren't a lot of fans of this genre. So, I am targeting the people who really appreciate this genre outside.

8 - Tell us about your favorite Middle Eastern bands and which local bands you suggest for your listeners.

About the Middle Eastern bands, I am a huge fan of BILOCATE. I was really lucky to meet Ramzi and BILOCATE for the second time here last year, it was a great concert indeed. I like also your band FORGIVE ME, I consider it as one of the best bands in the Middle East. There is also KIMAERA from Lebanon. Their first album brings me back to a lot of old memories. I also like CHALICE OF DOOM and VALEFOR, which are great bands.


The Egyptian bands I recommend for my fans are DESTINY IN CHAINS, SINPROPHECY, GRAVE SOLACE, ZATREON, MORKA ASYL and a lot more. I am very lucky to be in contact with these bands, some of them help me with my recordings.

9 - Egypt is a vital place for metal events and concerts, are you thinking of getting involved in one of these events soon?

Well, I wish I can do that in the near future, but there are two problems: The first, as you already know, is about the restrictions and the "Bad Media" around us in the Middle Eastern region. It will be a very hard thing to hold an Extreme Metal event, specially a Depressive Black Metal event.


The second problem is that you can't create the same atmosphere you create while recording. The emotions in a live event won't be exactly the same.

10 - Any last words for the fans to end this interview?


Thank you for your great interview and for your time. It's really a great honor for me to be in it, and I wish the best of luck for Jorzine and for FORGIVE ME and CHALICE OF DOOM.


For the fans, don't miss FROSTAGRATH's upcoming releases: the split with VIRAGHA, and the full-length "Extinguishing The Flame Of Life". So, stay tuned for more information soon. It will be something you haven't heard before!


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