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Interview with Ayscobe

Band: Ayscobe

By: Mohsen Fayyazi - 2012-12-01

Ayscobe is a Progressive Rock Opera band hailing from Germany and formed in 2003. „A true reason that is trying to give you true music that doesn`t care what it sounds like“ that’s how they describe themselves and their music. I had an interview with them, and asked them some questions that you may find it interesting, you can read their answers below:

JZ: Hello guys, how are you doing today?

Hello, fine thanks!

JZ: For my first question, I’d like to know the story of how your band formed? and also tell us why you chose “Ayscobe” for the band name?

The first line up was formed back in 2003 with some friends of mine from the youth club in Gammertingen, my hometown. It was a hobby at the beginning but after some years people get interested in the things we did, so I started to get it as professional as possible. Some of the members left because they got other things to do and after a view changes in the line up, I started to write the rock opera and searched for professional musicians. Ulli Göhring on drums, Joe Vox, Elke, Bastian Rustedt, Sven Juettner and Laurianne on vocals and the rest of the band, that was together since we started Ulrich Tress and Michael Tenten.

Now to the name, a long and funny story! We set together in the youth club and tried to find a name, so we took a peace of paper and wrote down ideas. I liked the idea with Kaleidoscope.
But there is a band who got that name already so we decided to “reform” that words and thought about what has to do with Kaleidoscope, so first thing the eyes, but scope was ockey so we were thinking of "Eyescope", but it didn`t look good so we played with the letters. "Eye" was turned to "ay" and scope to scobe with an b just because it looks better! And that’s the way we get our name!

JZ: Would you introduce the current band members?

Yes, on drums we got Andre Frey, Sven Juettner and Veronika Rüdenauer on vocals, Sven Hermand on second guitar, Lothar Hermand on bass and Michael Tenten on the lead guitar.

JZ: I’d like to know your opinion about true music, which elements do you feel make music true? As the band themselves said: “…A true reason that is trying to give you true music that doesn`t care what it sounds like…”

In my opinion really true music comes out of the heart and not from a wish to be in a special music scene! A song grows if you let him grow and music finds her own way and this is true music! Music you write without any influence, just the melodies and then let the music speak what she wants to become,  the rhythm and stuff is in it! In this way of writing we get new ideas and sounds, it is like a whole other universe without fences and frontiers.

JZ: Let’s talk about the ‘Beside Yourself’ album, how did the songwriting process work? And why did you choose to make an album in Rock Opera style whereas you introduced your band as a progressive one?

I write the songs in many ways, sometimes I use the text and try to find a melody, sometimes I got a rhythm in my head that wants to come out and sometimes a whole thing that is penetrating me to write it down! So there is no usual way, like I said before! Music finds its way!
The idea with an rock opera is an easy way to get ideas and work in a whole other way in writing the songs and working with notes and stuff! A rockopera got different singers and characters, so you think of the writing in a whole other way , you make a step into your imagination and try to find a way through a story with melodies and lyrics and solos, a fascinating way to write music! You got so many opportunities! And that's also the reason why i introduce Ayscobe as an progressive one, there are much less rules u got to follow!

JZ: What is the passion that drives you to write your music?

Cool question! In my chase it is my spirit! If I stop writing for some weeks, I get a realy bad feeling.
I write because I have to it was since started to make music, I walk down the street at night or morning and begin tow whistle a melody and I repeat it and hope not to forget it till I get home and things like that! The passion is just to do it!

JZ: The German Metal scene is also known for a great heavy/power metal influential movement and bands like Accept, Halloween, Gamma Ray rock the flag, but I’d like to know why you chose Progressive Rock Metal? And how do you see the position of this genre of music in the German rock Metal scene?

Yeah that is the point where I got to say I just name it progressive. The truth is I don`t try to hit a music style! So maybe in the future I write some power metal stuff or things like that, maybe not!
But I like progressive metal very much and find the most things my music got in common with it. I like rhythm changes in the songs, modulations and everything. I like great melodies and great drum fills and I think at the moment the German scene opens it`s mind more and more for that type of music. The problem with the music scene here in Germany is, that we got plenty of good bands and great festivals too, but either the radio stations or the TV studios are interested in the hole metal scene. So it becomes very hard for young bands to get their music to a great audience!

JZ: Also, I'd like to know which bands influence your band and your music?

I am a great Ritchie Blackmore fan, a great guitar player and he is really a large influence in playing guitar for me! Also Floyd, Savatage, Rush, Ayreon and The Who! Ohh there are a lot of bands that got their influences in my music. But most fascinating of all is "the Wall", a perfect rock opera and not easy to understand! Another big influence at the moment is Ayreon and his Human equation. But as I said, I don`t think about them in writing.

JZ: How do you see the German Metal scene and also your band in the next 10 years?

Ohh I hope the scene is like it is now, we got cool rockers here in Germany.
And I hope the band gets its feet in the music world, so we could do only that, write and produce music and make concerts wherever we can!

JZ: What’s the biggest problem you have faced or are facing as a Progressive Rock  band in 21st century?

The club owners are a little bit skeptic when we say we are a progressive band. It is not easy to find concerts in the normal way. I think they don`t even know what we mean when we say progressive Rock or metal, they don`t know what it is! But times will change and these people will learn and so other bands will have an easier way to get their stuff on stage i hope!

JZ: What are your plans for 2012, will we see new materials from you?

Yes of course, we are ready to record the second album, also a rock opera. We want to play a lot of concerts around Europe and maybe make a live album ( that's my deepest wish ). The first concert this year will be in the Roxy Flensburg, we'll support Steelwing, Skullfist and Rezet! For the rest of the concerts we are waiting for the dates! But a whole concert list will be on our homepage as soon as possible!

JZ: Have you any plans to play your shows in this part of the world, the Middle East, in the near future?

There are no plans right now, but we would love to! Give us some places to play and we will do if it is possible!

JZ: Thanks for giving me your time, feel free to leave a message for your fans here.

Metal and Rock will never die! Open your heart for real good music and give new young bands the chance to raise! Music is no opinion it is a life style.
Thanks for your support,
Greatings, Ayscobe


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