JorZine - CARCASS - Release New Album Teaser, Album Cover (Update)

CARCASS - Release New Album Teaser, Album Cover (Update)


UPDATE on 10.07.2013: Carcass are on a roll this week! After teasing us with new tunes, the grindcore/melodic death metal legends have finally revealed the cover that will graceSurgical Steel. You might have seen some of it on the teaser released yesterday. Ian Tilton created the cover and you can check it out below. 

Frontman Jeff Walker stated: "We went back to working with Ian Tilton, who is an iconic English photographer famous for working with The Stone Roses. He actually did the front cover for Necroticism... as well. We've deliberately tried to evoke the feeling of that album and Heartwork."

Original news, published on 09.07.2013: After surprising their fans by announcing a new album and signing with Nuclear Blast Records, British extreme metal legends Carcass have released an official trailer previewing music from their upcoming sixth full-length releaseSurgical Steel. The eagerly-anticipated album will be released on September 16th (UK), September 13th (rest of Europe) and September 17th (North America). Check out the teaser below and salivate for more. 

We still don't know much more about the new album other than the song titles but the new song "Captive Bolt Pistol" has been circulating in the interwebs recently despite Nuclear Blast's best efforts to erase it.

Source: Metalstorm.


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