JorZine - EPICA - Confirm 2014 Spring Release For New Album

EPICA - Confirm 2014 Spring Release For New Album


Epica have released an update now that their Requiem For The Indifferenttouring cycle is over. As previously announced, the band will not be playing shows in the upcoming months due to Simone Simons' pregnancy but during this time, the group will complete the Retrospect DVD and the recordings for the new album start at the end of this summer for a 2014 spring release. 

Last update: "Thank you all! Our show at Graspop on the 30th of June marked the end of the Requiem For The Indifferent touring cycle. We would like to thank all our loyal fans who have, once again, carried Epica to the next level. Our world tour promoting Requiem For The Indifferent has given us a ton of wonderful new memories. We played a lot of new places like Australia, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Belarus and Dubai and welcomed new fans at every one of the 100+ shows of this world tour. A new milestone for us was reached duringRetrospect, the celebration of our 10th anniversary! We will never forget being on stage with this huge orchestra and choir in front of the 4500 fans from all over the world. 

As you know we will take a step back from playing live shows for the upcoming months since Simone & Oliver and Coen & Linda are expecting children. During this period we will be finalizing our live CD, Blu-ray/DVDRetrospect, which will be released in the autumn of this year. Besides that we are in the pre-production phase of the 6th Epica studio album which we will start to record at the end of this summer and which will be released in spring 2014.

We can't wait to share the Retrospect show and our new music with you all and we hope to see you on the road in 2014! Love, Epica."


Source: Metalstorm.


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