JorZine - ROTTEN BODIES - New Video For "He Needs Murder"

ROTTEN BODIES - New Video For "He Needs Murder"


Iranian Death metallers ROTTEN BODIES have shot a new video for the song "He Needs Murder". The song was taken from the band's debut demo "A New Murder" and was produced by Ehsan Imani. The video was directed by Planer Afx and is based on the North American horror film from 2005 "Hostel".


You can check "He Needs Murder" video clicking HERE



ROTTEN BODIES was founded in 2008 in Mashhad, Iran by vocalist M. Crow and guitarist Vahid G.H. After recruiting drummer Soroush Kheradmand and bassist Hesam Gharooni, the band recorded their debut demo "A New Murder", which was released at the end of 2012.


You can listen the band's demo in its entirety clicking HERE


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