JorZine - FROSTAGRATH - New Split Album Details Revealed

FROSTAGRATH - New Split Album Details Revealed


Egyptian Depressive Black Metal one-man band FROSTAGRATH has revealed some details from its upcoming split album titled "Dust Shall Remain". The album will feature two tracks from FROSTAGRATH and two more from the Sri Lankan band VIRAGHA. It will be available via Rigorism Production & Kadaath Records very soon. The artwork was designed by Andres 'LordHellfire' Burciaga (SUICIDE PATH).





01 - FROSTAGRATH - Tears Of Desolation
02 - FROSTAGRATH - And Finally, The Death Caverns Will Carry Out My Soul
03 - VIRAGHA - Adaraneey Adhonawa Pt.II
04 - VIRAGHA - The Gospel Of Despair



FROSTAGRATH's mastermind Lord Mist was recently interviewed by JorZine. You can check out the interview clicking HERE


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