JorZine - KIMAERA - New Label, Line Up Change, Russian Tour Dates And New Video Announced

KIMAERA - New Label, Line Up Change, Russian Tour Dates And New Video Announced


Lebanese Doom/Death metallers KIMAERA have inked a deal with the new German label Eternal Sound Records for the worldwide release of the band's upcoming album "The Harbinger of Doom". The album is set to be released on 6th September. The band has also announced Heavy Space as their new booking and management agency.


KIMAERA has also reported the departure of the longtime drummer Simon Saade. He will be replaced by the Turkish renowned drummer Erce Arslan (GÜRZ).



Following up the release of "Harbinger of Doom", the band will go on tour through Russia and Ukraine as part of their "Doom Upon Russia Tour". According to the Lebanese Metal magazine Metal Bell, the band's upcoming tour will kick off in St. Petersburg, Russia on 13th September and will end by supporting the Finnish Metal band AMORPHIS in Kiev, Ukraine on 21st September.


Metal Bell Magazine has also announced that the band, which has recently shot a video for the ANATHEMA's song "Lost Control", is currently recording a second video for the new album's opening track "Ancient Serpents". The video is directed by Sam Andraos, who collaborated with the band in the past for the video clip of their previous album's song "The Taste of Treason". The video will be an animated clip for which the band has used a green screen studio.



KIMAERA's new album "The Harbinger Of Doom" follow's up the band's well renowned album "Solitary Impact", which was released in 2010. The album, which will be the band's third full length, features 10 tracks including a cover of ANATHEMA's "Lost Control". The artwork was designed by Rhett Podersoo at Machine Room, who has worked with several Metal heavyweights such as MY DYING BRIDE, DAWN OF ASHES and many more.


You can check a preview of "The Harbinger Of Doom" clicking HERE


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