JorZine - CHRISTOPHER AMOTT - Launches New Band



When guitarist Christopher Amott left Arch Enemy for the second time, he said he wasn't into playing extreme metal anymore. Since leaving AE he has released a new solo album, and is now launching a new band called Ghost Ship Octavius which will also feature current God Forbid guitarist Matt Wicklund, ex-Nevermore drummer Van Williams, bassist Sara Claudius, and 17-year-old vocalist Adon Fanion. The exciting part is that their debut album is already in the works and is described as "melodic progressive heavy metal". 

Ghost Ship Octavius is currently looking for a suitable record company to release their debut album, for which 13 songs have already been written, including "Released", "Alive", "Successor", "Find the Light" and "Caged Love".

Matt Wicklund released this message: "Hello and welcome to the home of Ghost Ship Octavius. Here you will find all official news and updates on this new band! Come back often and watch as the band develops and goes through the process of creating its debut album! Plenty of content is on its way so be on the lookout for video and audio teasers. Tell your friends!"

Source: Metalstorm.


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