JorZine - LAMB OF GOD - Randy Blythe Memoir Coming Next Year

LAMB OF GOD - Randy Blythe Memoir Coming Next Year


After last year's ordeal which was only really over last month, it isn't surprising that publishers wanted to get hold of Lamb Of God's singer Randy Blythe. He has now confirmed that he has penned a memoir focusing mainly on what happened last year about his arrest, incarceration, trial and exoneration that will come out in the Spring of 2014 on Perseus/Da Capo Press in North America and Random House in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. 

Randy has posted an image on his Instagram where he confirms the book deal: "This is my man room/study/shed/nerd cave - it's crammed with books, which I have a slight addiction too. I've been in here a lot lately, since a literary agent sought me out a few months ago & convinced me to write a book of my own. I didn't really want to write this book, a memoir of my last year, so soon - it's been pretty intense - but the agent convinced me by speaking the truth - my memories will fade. After all the incredibly dubious 'information' I read on the Internet about my arrest, incarceration, trial, & exoneration, it'll be nice to to speak in detail & lay out the absolute truth about what happened over there, just as I have been doing this whole time. The hive mind is a vast & global moronic game of 'he said/she said', where rumors presented as truth fly at the speed on wifi on wings of speculation."

"The hive mind is far too big & way too stupid for veracity to exist on a global scale within its constantly shifting sphere. Those that wish to know the truth, not rumors, of this sad story will be able to. I hope my story will do some good, because there were lessons for me to learn about myself by living it (& not all of them were pretty), lessons I can learn in the telling, & maybe even some tiny ones to be had in the reading if I write it well enough. Yes, I will get paid, but no, I'm not trying to get rich - anyone with delusions of how the publishing world works should educate themselves - Stephen King I obviously am not. But I am a writer, so I will write - it's just what we do. Book is still untitled, due out Spring 2014, Perseus/Da Capo is N. American publisher, Random House in UK/OZ/NZ/S Africa. It's a very crazy, very sad story, but it's my story, so I will tell it with all the respect I have tried to maintain for all parties involved. More info soon. A photo-essay book concerning the nature of fear in our society will follow in a year or so. Don't live in fear, & don't live in lies. In your life, you must TELL THE TRUTH. Any other sort of life is unacceptable, at least for the honest & the compassionate. Peace."

Source: Metalstorm.


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