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FROSTED LEAVES - New Single Online


Iranian Symphonic metallers FROSTED LEAVES have released a new single titled "Child of the Flames". The single follows up the band's debut EP "Bleak Autumn", which was released on 2010. "Child of the Flames" features several unusual instruments such as cello, violins, horn, trombone, etc...


You can check a video from the single's recording and rehearsal sessions clicking HERE



FROSTED LEAVES was founded in the first months of 2010 when Armin and Ali decided to bring some of their ideas into reality. "Bleak Autumn" is the title of their first demo album, which took 4 months to be recorded. Guest musicians helped FROSTED LEAVES to carry on until the band found its own position. Following the release of "Bleak Autumn", they were invited to perform at Metal Asylum Festival in Dubai (UAE), where the band shared the stage with several underground Metal bands from all over the world.


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