JorZine - ANARCHADIA - New Album Release Date Announced

ANARCHADIA - New Album Release Date Announced


Beirut-based Syrian Thrash metallers ANARCHADIA have set 3rd July as the release date of their new album "Let Us All Unite". The album will be released through the UAE label Metal East Records. "Let Us All Unite" features the tracks from the band's debut EP, as well as 6 new songs which manifest realistic issues the world is going through, thus defining the constant struggle of mankind against all forms of injustice, and inequality pertaining to everyday experiences. The album also includes the track "True World Order", which features Jon Schaffer (ICED EARTH, SONS OF LIBERTY...) as guest vocalist.


As the band has announced on their Facebook Page, the album will be available for FREE DOWNLOAD.



You can listen to "True World Order" clicking HERE


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