JorZine - OSTURA - New Line Up Announced

OSTURA - New Line Up Announced


Lebanese Symphonic/Power metallers OSTURA have revealed the band's new line up. Due to the departure of lyricist/drummer Chris Naimeh, the drummer duties will be handled by Alex Chaker from now on. The band has also announced Marcelino Said as the new bass player.


Chris Naimeh commented about leaving the band: "Unfortunately, I will have to step down as lyricist and drummer of the group due to a time conflict between work/family and the massive amount of time required to keep up with the band's ambitions. This experience was truly fantastic and I will always relish it. I wish them great luck in all their endeavors, and thank everyone who was involved to bring this project to life and making it what it is.


I am not leaving on a sad note because I will still be part of the OSTURA family, whether they will be facing good or bad times. (I will be right there with all of you during concerts!). Good luck to everyone and preserve the dynasty!"



The idea of the OSTURA project first started when the band's former drummer Chris Naimeh approached keyboardist Danny Bou-Marounin in May 2009 with lyrics, and asked him to write the music. It later turned into one big collaborative project between 15 people. "Ashes of the Reborn", which was released on November 2012, is the band's first concept album, and it tells an epic story (hence the band name OSTURA, which means "Legend" in Arabic). The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Karim Sinno at Mixdown Studios.


The lyrics represent an epic tale in a fantasy world, and their music is a blend of melodic and Progressive Symphonic influences that defines them as one of the great bands in the Middle East of this style.


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