JorZine - KAHTMAYAN - New Song From New Album Online

KAHTMAYAN - New Song From New Album Online


Iranian Thrash/Progressive metallers KAHTMAYAN have posted a new track titled "Amen", taken from the band's upcoming album "Risen From The Ashes". The album, which includes 9 songs, will be the band's third full length release. It will be the band's first album with vocals and it will show KAHTMAYAN's particular style with a heavy Oriental/Persian influence in the melodies and percussions.


You can listen to "Amen" clicking HERE



The band commented about the new album: "Our thanks to all our friends and fans who inquired about KAHTMAYAN's new album during this relatively long period, it's been taking so long mainly because of our obsession with composing the music and recording it. We did an acoustic recording of the drums, which is very rare and hard in Iran due to some shortages. Much time was also spent in recording vocals and guitars so that we could be sure of doing a thorough job, and finally it took Homayoun Majdzadeh a long time to mix the album in order to make sure the highest possible quality is attained. After three years despite all difficulties the album is fully ready. [...]


Naturally the album will be fully distributed by a known publisher outside Iran, most probably. And we won't be able to share the whole album on the internet till then. [...] Our many thanks to KAHTMAYAN's fans and friends for we've only been able to accomplish what we have with your warm support and positive energy".


A couple months ago, KAHTMAYAN posted another track from the new album titled "Dark Old Skies". You can check it out clicking HERE 


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