JorZine - SATYRICON - Reveal Upcoming Album Cover And European Tour

SATYRICON - Reveal Upcoming Album Cover And European Tour


Satyricon have confirmed that the name of their long-awaited upcoming new album is none other than Satyricon, since it promises to capture the spirit of the band like never before. Satyriconwas recorded in Norway, produced by Satyr and mixed by Adam Kasper. The album will be released worldwide on September 9th via Roadrunner Records and the album horned artwork can be seen below. An European tour to promote the album will follow in November and you can see the dates confirmed on the flyer.



Here is a statement by Satyr from their Facebook page: "We are back! Sorry it took so long, but we needed the time to be able pull off a record like this. Comparing this one to previous records is time wasted, it is Satyricon; constantly on the move. Naming this record Satyriconwas the most obvious thing in the world. We have never done a record which captures the spirit of this band in such a way. Ever. It will demand a lot from you as a listener, but I know you will love it. It will grow on you and that is why it will stay with you forever. We won't tour as much in the future as we used to, and that will just make every tour more special. This album and this tour is for you and ourselves. It is our moment!"


Source: Metalstorm. 


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