JorZine - PERVERSION - Debut Album's Release Date Announced

PERVERSION - Debut Album's Release Date Announced


Dubai-based Death metallers PERVERSION have set 30th June as the release date of their debut album "Pillars of the Enlightened". The album will be released through the Canadian label Blast Head Records.


The album can be pre-ordered clicking HERE




1. Through The Void (Intro)
2. Aging the Unbirthed
3. The Great Deception
4. Pillars Of The Enlightened
5. Subconscious Mutation
6. Gates Of The Multiverse
7. The Origins Of Horror
8. Ones Of The Beyond
9. Dementia (Of Devourment)



Blast Head Records commented about the band's new album: "Hailing from the United Arab Emirates, PERVERSION shows us just how Extreme music from the Middle East should be played. Their debut album 'Pillars of the Enlightened' contains 9 potent tracks of cut throat Death Metal with guitar solos reminiscent of the bands from the early 90's Swedish scene! This is definitely a release for fans of SUFFOCATION, GRAVE, INVERACITY and MASS INFECTION!"


You can check JorZine's review of "Pillars of the Enlightened" clicking HERE


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