JorZine - LUSTRE - Ink Deal With Nordvis Productions

LUSTRE - Ink Deal With Nordvis Productions


Official statement from the label:

As the midsummer sun stands high and transcends night into day we're happy to announce that Nordvis Productions will work together with the multi-instrumentalist Nachtzeit, the man behind Lustre project, for two more studio albums. After the successful EP, Of Strength & Solace (Nordvis, 2012), it has become a natural step to strengthen the collaboration between the two parties. Lustre has brought a fantastic amount of atmosphere to the Nordvis family and so it is with great inspiration and curiosity we look forward to walk even further along this trail.

The 4th Lustre studio album will be released during 2013. More details and informations about this new release will be revealed in the near future.

Source: Metalstorm.


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