JorZine - KATATONIA - 'Viva Emptiness' 10th Anniversary Reissue And Tour

KATATONIA - 'Viva Emptiness' 10th Anniversary Reissue And Tour


Katatonia have been revealed as very special guests on Paradise Lost's Tragic Illusion 25th anniversary UK tour in October alongside Lacuna Coil. Since they are also celebrating their own 10th anniversary for their standout sixth album Viva Emptiness, the band will be performing the album in its entirety each night. To coincide with the shows and the album's 10-year anniversary, Viva Emptiness will be entirely re-mixed and re-mastered by David Castillo plus enhanced with new artwork courtesy of Travis Smith for a re-release on November 4th via Peaceville. The album will be available for pre-order from September 23rd. 

Viva Emptiness was originally released in 2003 and is regarded by many as a classic and one of the best albums of the band. So, this will be a great opportunity to see the band play the whole album live if you are really a fanboy/girl.

Guitarist and founding member Anders Nyström comments: "Sometimes after an album has been out for a while I always get the question if there's something we would have wanted to change or done differently and 99% of the time I say 'no' because we have happily moved on! But, there's been one particular album that would in fact echo with a loud 'YES' to that question. Dear friends, that would be the album you know as Viva Emptiness..."

"This year, time is approaching Viva Emptiness with a 10-year anniversary, so is there really something to celebrate? Oh yes indeed! Our long lost mission objective will finally be completed! The album may now take that climb, in terms of audio quality, to be right up there proudly positioned beside it's younger 'album brethren' - The Great Cold DistanceNight Is The New Day and finally Dead End Kings. We will give Viva Emptinessthe sound and production the songs always deserved by having our long time studio rat and collaborator David Castillo work his magic at his Ghost Ward studio. Secondly, another long time collaborator of ours, namely Travis Smith, will give the artwork an enhanced continuation of the original theme that will keep the visual aesthetes at bay! And last but not least, the crowning of the celebration: We will take Viva Emptiness with us on the road and play the album live in it's entirety while performing as 'very special guests' to our 'tragic idols' in Paradise Lost, celebrating their own 25th anniversary tour this fall. Viva Viva Emptiness Fulfilled!"

In other news, as you probably know by now, Katatonia recently announced a Pledge campaign for Dethroned & Uncrowned, the new version of the Dead End Kings album reworked, stripped down in a semi-acoustic way. The goal of the campaign has already been reached but fans can still get perks.

The band posted this message for their fans: "Thank you, our dear 'Katatoniacs', for making sure this Pledge campaign broke 100% and reaching our goal (and we're impressed how fast you did that!). This means the Dethroned & Uncrowned album and subsequent touring will become our and your reality! 

A lot of you have asked if the Pledge campaign will remain open and yes, it will! Just because we've reached 100% doesn't mean that the items (that are still available) go away, it just made the goal of the project come true! The Pledge campaign will keep going until it's release which you can see indicated beside the % bar. Just remember it's a first come first served basis, so the count below the prices in the right column indicates what's still left. So thank you again for all the pledges, you rule!"

Dethroned & Uncrowned will be their first release on Kscope and comes out in September, 2013.

Source: Metalstorm.


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