JorZine - CHAOS OF NAZARETH - A New Beginning?

CHAOS OF NAZARETH - A New Beginning?


Palestinian Groove/Thrash metallers CHAOS OF NAZARETH are currently looking for new band members to complete the line up. As they recently announced, some members have left the band due to some internal disputes, so they are looking for new ones before releasing their upcoming album titled "Rise of the Nation".


The band has posted the following statement on their Facebook Page: "We are deeply sorry to announce [that due to] a hysterical conflict that happened between the band members, and the result of that, the band is no more acting together. The only members [which are] still in the band are Shadi Far (vocalist) and Oday Safadi (drummer).


Right now, we are looking for a pure serious artists like a guitar player or even a Aud player, anything made of Metal. Please contact us in a private message.


Our weakness is our enemy"



CHAOS OF NAZARETH are about to release their new album "Rise of the Nation". The album has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Fadi Mabjesh at Multi-Record Studios.





1 - Damage in the Wall
2 - Chaos Land
3 - Stranger in my Land
4 - Mission
5 - Until the Last Breath
6 - Revolution
7 - Rise of the Nation
8 - Silence After War (Instrumental)



You can check the new album's tracks "Damage in the Wall" and "Stranger in my Land" clicking HERE and HERE


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