JorZine - WATAIN - New Album Cover And Tracklist Unveiled

WATAIN - New Album Cover And Tracklist Unveiled


While there's still no music to devour, Watain have lifted the veil a little bit more on their new album The Wild Hunt. This time around, the black metallers unveiled the cover that will grace the album as well as the tracklist. You can expect eleven new songs. The artwork was executed in oil and mixed materials by Zbigniew M Bielak, the very same artist who was responsible for the Lawless Darkness artwork.

Each song of the album is connected to an object on the shrine. What do you think about the artwork?

Don't forget that The Wild Hunt will be released on August 19th in Europe and August 20th in North America by His Master's Noise, via Century Media Records.


Here are the song titles:

01. Night Vision
02. De Profundis
03. Black Flames March
04. All That May Bleed
05. The Child Must Die
06. They Rode On
07. Sleepless Evil
08. The Wild Hunt
09. Outlaw
10. Ignem Veni Mittere
11. Holocaust Dawn

Source: Metalstorm.


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