JorZine - QAFAS - New Album Available For Free Download

QAFAS - New Album Available For Free Download


The Bahraini Black Metal band QAFAS has set its debut full length album "Larghetto Laments" for FREE DOWNLOAD. All production and recordings of the album were performed in an independent home studio of, and by the sole-member of QAFAS Learza (Omar A.) in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The album features a cover of the song "Moon's Heart" from the Iranian Funeral Doom Metal band 1000 FUNERALS. "Larghetto Laments" will be physically released by Domestic Genocide Records.

You can download "Larguetto Laments" clicking HERE

As the band commented at their Official Website"'Larghetto Laments' is the first official full-length album by QAFAS, a milestone in the direction of QAFAS has been taken through the blend of genres between: Black Metal containing Funeral Doom Metal influences; on the full-length to obviously mark and manifest QAFAS’ permanent transition from one genre to (my main genre) Black Metal. Such is the ultimate purpose of creation for this album. Domestic Genocide Records will be physically releasing a special and limited edition of 10 copies for 'Larghetto Laments', as well as a few QAFAS shirts later this year. 'Larghetto Laments' was recorded on-and-off between 2011 -2012; although the album was released in 2012, the concepts are deeply-rooted to the personal events that took place in the year 2011."


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