JorZine - NASER MESTARIHI - New Album's Teaser Video Online

NASER MESTARIHI - New Album's Teaser Video Online


Qatar-based Hard rocker NASER MESTARIHI has posted a teaser video from his new album titled "1987". The album, which was engineered by Dylan Ellis, follows up the artist's debut self-titled EP from 2010. "1987" will be released digitally via iTunes on Monday 17th June. Physical copies will ve available on Virgin Megastore very soon.


You can check "1987" teaser video clicking HERE




1 - Phoenix
2 - Exodus Highway
3 - Blazing Temple
4 - Salvation
5 - The Road Home
6 - 1987
7 - Wovoka
8 - Emerald



NASER MESTARIHI is a Qatari born Jordanian-Pakistani guitarist based in Doha, Qatar who has been on his country's music scene since the age of 15. Naser is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist (guitars, bass guitars, vocals and drums) singer-songwriter who is the first rock musician to ever officially release a rock album out of Qatar.


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