JorZine - SCANDELION - New Album Tracklist And Artwork Revealed

SCANDELION - New Album Tracklist And Artwork Revealed


Spanish Gothic/Doom Metal band SCANDELION has revealed the artwork of "Nonsense", the band's upcoming new album. The artwork's original idea came from Jorge Scandelion, who was assisted by Alejandro Ramos Melián and Beatriz Nuez Hernández. As the band stated on its Facebook Page, the artwork is one of the darkest and intimist so far.



SCANDELION have also revealed the tracklist of "Nonsense", the band's fourth full length album. You can check it out as follows:


01. Nonsense - Part I
02. My Darkest Thoughts
03. Dusk in Your Dreams
04. My Tears Drown Your Heart
05. Asleep in The Embrace of Death
06. Die... or Die (Your Choice)
07. Nonsense - Part II
08. Leave Your Cage
09. Tragic Solitude
10. Pain of a Dying Soul



The band has recently set its full discography for streaming and downloading. You can check it out clicking HERE


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