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ACCEPT - To Work On Documentary


German heavy metal legends Accept are very busy this year headlining European festivals, preparing a new album as well as working on their first live DVD and CD but why stop there? The band has also announced the making of the first official Accept documentary. Helming the project will be Stefan Kaufmann as an expert of Accept's history. latest 200-120 questions



Accept invites everybody who has ever crossed paths with the band to head over to their official Facebook page to submit pictures, letters, recordings, videos, films, memorabilia, stories, simply anything and everything Accept. They also invite producers, music industry professionals, promoters, writers, photographers, families, friends, and other musicians, including a special invitation to (former frontman) Udo Dirkschneider and all the musicians who have been performing Accept songs for more than 30 years.latest 650-752 dumps

Peter Baltes adds: "This is not the story of one musician or their 'personal success'; it is ultimately about a band from Germany who defined and inspired more than one music genre."200-120 exam dumps

Source: Metalstorm.


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