JorZine - AMON AMARTH - Release Mini-Documentary Part II

AMON AMARTH - Release Mini-Documentary Part II


Swedish melodic death metallers Amon Amarth have released part two of their mini-documentary Forging Mjölnir which has three parts in total. The mini-documentary was filmed and directed by Luke Daley and celebrates the upcoming release of their ninth studio offering Deceiver Of The Gods. The latest fifteen-minute segment which sees Amon Amarth members recalling their earliest metal memories as well as the band's primitive beginning can be seen here by logging in with your Facebook account.

Amon Amarth have released two songs so far from their new album, "Shape Shifter" and "Deceiver Of The Gods". The new album drops in North America via Metal Blade Records on June 25th, in Europe on June 21st/24th and Japan on June 26th.

You can also watch the first part of the mini-documentary here if you still haven't seen it.

Source: Metalstorm.


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