JorZine - METALLICA - Confirm Only European Show This Summer

METALLICA - Confirm Only European Show This Summer


Metallica will play its only European show this summer at Roskilde Festival in Denmark, the home country of drummer Lars Ulrich, set to take place through June 29th-July 7th. 

According to the festival announcement, the band will return to Roskilde Festival after 10 years and James, Lars, Kirk and Robert will take a break from the recordings of their next album to play their only European concert this summer at the Roskilde Festival.

Some of the other bands on the line-up include Queens Of The Stone AgeSlipknot,VolbeatKreatorKvelertakAirbourneSigur RósBlack Rebel Motorcycle Club,HatebreedDead Can DanceTurbonegroSuicidal Tendencies, among many others.

Source: Metalstorm.


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