JorZine - LIVE NECROMANCY FEST - Maticrust Added To Line Up

LIVE NECROMANCY FEST - Maticrust Added To Line Up


UAE-based Crust/Grindcore band MATICRUST has been added to Live Necromancy Fest's line up. The event will take place on 4th and 5th October in Dubai, UAE. The festival, which is headlined by North American Epic Metal legends MANILLA ROAD and British Doom metallers PAGAN ALTAR, also features Norwegian Thrashers DEATHHAMMER, British Heavy/Doom metallers ARKHAM WITCH, North American Black/Thrash act MIDNIGHT, Norwegian thrashers NEKROMANTHEON and local Death metallers PERVERSION


The event's organisers commented: "We're pleased to announce that the opening band for day 2 of the festival will be local grind newcomers MATICRUST! We were so impressed by their recent performance at the Infernal Regions gig that we thought they would be the most appropriate band to get everyone riled up".



Live Necromancy is a new underground Metal festival being completely organized in a DIY manner, whose goal is to attract obscure emerging and legendary Metal bands which encompasses almost every sub-genre within metal from across the globe similar to some European & South-East Asian underground Metal festivals.

More information about Live Necromancy Fest is available clicking HERE


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