JorZine - DUBAI ROCK FESTIVAL - Ticket Competition Winners Announced!

DUBAI ROCK FESTIVAL - Ticket Competition Winners Announced!


JorZine and M Premiere are proud to announce the winners of the DUBAI ROCK FESTIVAL tickets giveaway competition. The five lucky winners will receive a pair of FREE TICKETS for the festival, which will take place on Friday 7th June at Dubai World Trace Center Arena. The event will be headlined by the Swedish-born US-based guitar maestro YNGWIE MALMSTEEN. Other participating bands are the Swedish Melodic Death metallers DARK TRANQUILLITY, the Dutch Symphonic Metal band EPICA, Tunisian Oriental metallers MYRATH, French Heavy Metal act NIGHTMARE and the local Progressive Metal band ANURYZM.


And the winners are...


- Seddik Hamza
- Mohamed Tarek
- Thabet Abu-Hammad
- Wajiha Al Dabbas
- Mohhammed Lahham



Congratulations to the winners! They will receive an e-mail with the instructions of how to get the tickets. If you have not won this competition, don't worry! We'll be running more giveaway contests soon. Stay tuned!


Tickets are still available for purchase clicking HERE


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