JorZine - DREAM THEATER - Push Back New DVD Release Date

DREAM THEATER - Push Back New DVD Release Date


At the beginning of the yearDream Theater announced the release of a new DVD titled Live At Luna Park which was originally planned to drop in May 2013 but that won't be happening after all due to "extenuating circumstances". So, what happened really? You can now expect the DVD to be released in North America on November 5th via Eagle Rock Entertainment, check the teaser here.


The band released the following statement: "Due to extenuating circumstances, the release date for Live At Luna Park has been pushed back from its originally scheduled Spring release. In an effort to make this project as special as possible, and deliver the ultimate live experience for Dream Theater fans, these delays proved necessary. It will be abundantly clear why the extra time was needed come November."

"Live At Luna Park contains the 160-minute main show accompanied by a wealth of bonus material. All tracks from their A Dramatic Turn Of Events album are included, in either the main show or the bonus features. This title features many of Dream Theater's classic tracks including: 'Metropolis Pt. 1', 'The Silent Man', 'Pull Me Under', 'The Root Of All Evil', 'The Test That Stumped Them All', 'The Spirit Carries On' and the recent 'On The Backs Of Angels'."

Regarding the new album, according to John Petrucci's latest update, all the vocals are done and he is currently cutting solos.

Source: Metalstorm.


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