JorZine - SUMMONING - Reveal Plans For This Year And 2014

SUMMONING - Reveal Plans For This Year And 2014


Summoning have recently released a band update divulging the releases it has planned for the upcoming months and next year. Apart from the release of their new album Old Mornings Dawn, the EP Nightshade Forests and the albumOath Bound will be released on vinyl this year. In 2014, Lost Tales will also be released on vinyl as well as six unreleased songs from the Old Mornings Dawnsessions. Summoning are also planning to "fall asleep again" at the end of next year implying that they will return to a state of inactivity. 



The band explained their plans: "In the following, we want to give you a short outlook of all planned releases concerning Summoning during this and the next year. 

As the Summoning boxset, limited to 1000 copies, was sold out pretty fast and won't be repressed, Napalm Records is planning an ultimate earbook edition with different cover artwork, a 24 pages booklet, the CD with the bonus tracks, and a special 7 inch vinyl with acoustic versions of the songs 'Old Mornings Dawn' and 'Caradhras'. 

In the end of this year Nightshade Forests and Oath Bound will be released on vinyl. Next year the Lost Tales EP will be released on vinyl. This edition will be a 10 inch including the two remixes of the before mentioned earbook. 

There are also about six unfinished and therefore unreleased songs from theOld Mornings Dawn session, which we will work on as soon as possible and hopefully are able to release them only on vinyl (maybe including a download code) in the middle of 2014. 

In the end of next year, when everything is said and done, and all works are finished and released, the forgesse will get cold again, and we will rest at last. Then Summoning will fall asleep again for a longer time, until a new dawn is rising..."

Source: Metalstorm.


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