JorZine - CENOTAPH - Concert In Italy Announced

CENOTAPH - Concert In Italy Announced


Turkish Brutal Death Metal band CENOTAPH have been confirmed for the Italian festival Lowlands Death Fest. The event will take place on Saturday 12th October in Fabbrico, in the region of Emilia-Romagna. The will be sharing the stage wtih the Italian bands UNKREATED, UNBIRTH, MINDSNARE and HIDEOUS DIVINITY, with the Germans MEDECOPHOBIC and MASS INFECTION and with the Dutch Metal act CENTURIAN.


More information is available at the festival's Facebook Page



CENOTAPH have recently released a 4-way split album titled "The Quadrum Plage". The album, which was released through the Russian label Coyote Records, also features the Extreme Metal bands MORTAL TORMENT, DEMONICAL GENUFLECTION and HATRED.


The album is available for purchase at the label's Official Website


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