JorZine - LONGFULNESS - Two Teaser Tracks From New Album Online

LONGFULNESS - Two Teaser Tracks From New Album Online


Bahraini Funeral Doom Metal band LONGFULNESS has posted two teaser tracks from its debut album titled "In a Posture of Solitude...". The album was mixed and mastered by Richard Campbell at the Orpheus Studio in London, UK. Guitars, bass and vocals were recorded at Rabble Rouser Studios in Manama, Bahrain.


You can listen to "My Own Vision Of Paradise" and "Restlessness" from LONGFULNESS' new album clicking HERE





1 - Lamentations in Nourishment
2 - Restlessness
3 - Forever Endeavour
4 - A Portrait of Forgetfulness
5 - Disillusionment
6 - My own Vision of Paradise
7 - Simple Unpretentious elegance of Solitude...



"In a Posture of Solitude..." will be released on 6th June through the main online music outlets. More information will be revealed soon.


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