JorZine - INSISTENCE - New Album Released

INSISTENCE - New Album Released


Turkish Metal band INSISTENCE have released their new album titled "Foreshadow" through the British label Glasstone Records. The album, which follows up the band's debut "Coexistence Key", was recorded, mixed and mastered by Ünsal Özata at Stüdyo Deep in Ankara, Turkey. The artwork was designed by Güven Ceylan.


You can check a preview from the album's songs clicking HERE





01. Untie Your Blindfolds
02. Awaken the Earth
03. Forgotten Memories of an Old Man
04. Liberty Fails
05. Maze of Mind
06. A Perception 
07. Another Fight
08. It's Not Over
09. Make Us Pure Again
10. Make It Loud



INSISTENCE has been founded in Istanbul, Turkey in 2006. Through this path, the band took its first steps on the Metal scene with their demos called "Drain" in 2006 and "Mind Healing" in 2007. Right after these demos, the process of the album got started. The band's debut full length album called "Coexistence Key", whose production process was finalized in 2008, met the audience in 2009. INSISTENCE has achieved the success of being on the same lines on various posters with many outstanding names of metal. These names include OPETH,TESTAMENT, SEPULTURA, KREATOR, CALIBAN, EXODUS, HATESPHERE, KATATONIA and many others.


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