JorZine - METALLICA - Debut Upcoming 3D Movie Trailer

METALLICA - Debut Upcoming 3D Movie Trailer


Last year, Metallica confirmed that a 3D movie was in the works for release in 2013. At the beginning of this year, the band revealed more and confirmed that the movie would be titled Metallica Through The Never. Now the band has released the official theatrical trailer of the movie and you can have the first taste of Metallica Through The Never here. It will be shown on IMAX theatres in North America on September 27th and will roll into additional theatres in full 3D one week later on October 4th. 

Drummer Lars Ulrich has been at the Cannes Film Festival in France to talk aboutMetallica Through The Never and to promote the film to international distributors. 

Metallica's upcoming 3D IMAX concert movie was directed by Nimród Antal ­(Predators), produced by former IMAX film producer Charlotte Huggins (Journey to the Center of the Earth) and features live footage of the band as well as a narrative featuring Dane DeHaan (ChronicleThe Amazing Spider-Man 2).



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