JorZine - JAY WUD - Full Discography For FREE DOWNLOAD

JAY WUD - Full Discography For FREE DOWNLOAD


UAE-based Lebanese Hard rocker JAY WUD has set his full discography for FREE DOWNLOAD for today only. His discography includes his debut album from 2010 "New Blood", as well as his latest full length "False Utopia", which was released in November 2012.


To download all his music for free, you've got to go to this LINK, click "download", put ZERO for amount, add your e-mail and you'll get your free music as a token of JAY WUD's appreciation for all his fans' love and support.



After his latest performance in Lebanon on 17th May, JAY WUD has announced another concert in his homeland. He and his band will be performing on Friday 21st June at the Martyr's Square in Beirut, as part of the music acts of "La Fête de la Musique".


You can check JAY WUD's videoclip of the song "Incomplete Heart" clicking HERE


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