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RIVERGATE - New Song Online


Algerian Progressive metallers RIVERGATE have posted a new song titled "Tears of the Machine", taken from the band's upcoming EP "Enter The Gate". The song features Amine from the Oriental Metal band ACYL, who collaborates on the vocal duties, as well as playing the bendir and the karkabou.


You can check "Tears of the Machine" clicking HERE



As the band announced on December 2012, the upcoming EP will feature 5 powerful songs, as well as a bonus track. You can check the tracklist as follows:


1 - Chains of Memory
2 - Leaving as Blind
3 - Runaway
4 - Talking to Raven
5 - Tears of the Machine (feat. Amine from ACYL)
6 - Runaway (Acoustic version) [Bonus Track]



More information about "Enter the Gate EP" will be revealed soon


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