JorZine - WATAIN - To Release New Single

WATAIN - To Release New Single


The first single from Watain's new album, "The Wild Hunt," will be released on Summer Solstice, June 21st. The name of the single will be "All That May Bleed." The band comments:


"'All that May Bleed' shows but one facet of a quite diverse album, but we chose this song as a first glimpse into 'The Wild Hunt' because of its bombastic lunacy and white-eyed malevolence which could be said to constitute a main foundation for the album. The lyric is an invitation to sacrificial blood letting, ecstatic zealotry and human sacrifice. The salt of Satan in the wounds of Christ!"


Side B will be a track called "Play with the Devil," originally recorded by the black/heavy metal band Taiwaz in 1988 in Watain's hometown, Uppsala (Gottfrid Åhman from In Solitued participates on solo guitar in Watain's version).


"All That May Bleed" is due for physical release on June 24th in Europe and June 25th in North America.


 photo watain_zps9fc30126.png



Source: Metalunderground.

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