JorZine - VADER - New Album Update

VADER - New Album Update


Vader haven't shared much about their upcoming album so far, apart from its title which will be Straight To Hell. The death metal icons have now lifted the veil a bit revealing "Abandon All Hope", "Bring Them To Me" and "Infernal Poetry" as some of the song titles set to appear on the opus that follows Welcome To The Morbid Reich. The band will hit the studio in November/December, so the new album shouldn't come out before 2014. 





Band's update: "In the meantime the next Vader album is being created. We already booked studio for Nov./Dec. 2013... A few upcoming titles? Why not! 'Abandon All Hope', 'Bring Them To Me' or 'Infernal Poetry'. See you Hell \m/"


Furthermore, the group plans to perform a special show at the end of August in the city of Olsztyn (Poland), where the band was formed. It will be the band's 30th anniversary and debut album 20th anniversary show. You can expect Vader to play songs from their early days plus the entire The Ultimate Incantation album.

Source: Metalstorm.


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