JorZine - THEORIA - New Album For Streaming

THEORIA - New Album For Streaming


Syrian Atmospheric Black Metal band THEORIA has set its new album titled "Mantra" for streaming. The band's debut album, which was released on 10th May via Antiq Records, features Alex Poole (CHAOS MOON, LITHOTOME, ESOTERICA) as guest vocalist on one of the tracks. The cover artwork was designed by Okkvte / Audrey & Came.


You can listen to "Mantra" in its entirety clicking HERE




1 - Sons of Past's Decay
2 - Inner Tempests (feat. Alex Poole)
3 - The Chime of Lifeless Matter
4 - Theoria
5 - Narcissistic Veils



The album is available for purchase at the label's Official Website


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