JorZine - WINTERSUN - To Headline Heidenfest 2012, New Album Out Late Summer

WINTERSUN - To Headline Heidenfest 2012, New Album Out Late Summer


Yesterday, Finnish extreme power metallers Wintersun's drummer Kai Hahto hinted about a new Wintersun update planned for today, and as promised, the update is here. The band will headline the Heidenfest tour in October/November and the new album will be released in late summer.


The band issued the following statement: "In the last couple of years, the Heidenfest turned out to be a unique and not-to-be-missed tour package when it comes to the biggest names in the field of heathen/viking metal and bands offering you the best in between war anthems and drinking horn frenzy! Which is why the 2012 line up looks like the wet dream of every heathen metal warrior again: headlining will be mighty genre legends Wintersun from Finland! It took mastermind Jari Mäenpää and his brethren exactly one album to write folk and melodic death metal history: Wintersun came out in 2004 and will be followed by a new milestone around the tour."


"We are very excited to announce that we are going to be headlining the 2012 Heidenfest Tour in October. There was some setbacks with the album during the winter (again), but as usual we have managed to ram through them. (Big thanks to our management for helping us through the tough times!). I've been mixing my ass off and things are going smooth and steady now and the album will be released late summer. Stay tuned for bigger updates about the album (or should we say "albums", wink wink!) Jari and the Wintersun boys, cheers!"


Heidenfest 2012: Wintersun, Korpiklaani, Varg, Trollfest and Krampus.


+ Special guests at extended shows*


19.10.2012 - GER - Oberhausen, Turbinenhalle - Extended Show*

20.10.2012 - GER - Stuttgart, LKA Longhorn - Extended Show*

21.10.2012 - NED - Tilburg, 013 - Extended Show*

22.10.2012 - SUI - Pratteln, Z7

24.10.2012 - ITA - Bologna, Estragon

25.10.2012 - AUS - Vienna, Gasometer

26.10.2012 - GER - Leipzig, Hellraiser

27.10.2012 - CZE - Prague, KD Vltavska

28.10.2012 - POL - Krakow, Studio

29.10.2012 - GER - Hamburg, Markthalle

30.10.2012 - GER - Berlin, Postbahnhof

31.10.2012 - GER - Munich, Backstage

01.11.2012 - GER - Saarbrücken, Garage

02.11.2012 - GER - Geiselwind, Music Hall - Extended Show*

03.11.2012 - GER - Gießen, Hessenhallen - Extended Show*

04.11.2012 - BEL - Antwerp, Trix


Source: metalstorm. 


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