JorZine - MONOSOUL - New EP Released

MONOSOUL - New EP Released


Syrian Post-Rock band MONOSOUL has released its new EP titled "Astral Is Not The Word". The EP, which is the band's debut, features drummer Antoun Siouffi and vocalist Khaldoun Freijat as guest musicians. The artwork was designed by Amer Salek.


"Astral Is Not The Word" is available for streaming at the band's YouTube Channel





1 - This Will Hurt The Other You
2 - The Subliminal It
3 - Circular Journey In Square Gardens
     Chapter I: Delphinium
     Chapter II: Hellebore
     Chapter III: Iris
4 - Echoes Of A Dream



MONOSOUL was started in the winter of 2012 when Anas Hajjar wanted to start a Post-Rock project. In his room and with little facilities, he composed and developed a structure for two tracks that contained elements from Post-Rock, Progressive Rock and Electronica. Soon he realized a need for a new blood in the project. Anas met by coincidence Obay Sha'arni and found out that they share a common taste in music and ideas, so together they worked to develope their tunes with the influence that Obay brought to make their debut 4-track EP.


The band blends the the influence of contemporary Post-rock that contained rhythmic instrumental texture, with melodic bass lines, synthetic sounds and famous quotations for vocals. MONOSOUL is now a distant band due to Anas has moved to Abu Dhabi, UAE and Obay still resides in Damascus, Syria.


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