JorZine - MORIBUND OBLIVION - New Video For 'Tut Elinden'

MORIBUND OBLIVION - New Video For 'Tut Elinden'


Turkish Black metallers MORIBUND OBLIVION have shot a new video for the song "Tut Elinden". The song has been taken from the band's latest album "Manevi", which was released on 3rd May via Dott & Sony Music.


You can check "Tut Elinden" video below or clicking HERE



As we previously reported, the band headline Turkish Metal Battle Festival 2013, which will take place on 28th September in Berlin, Germany. The band will also perform in Ukraine in August as part of MHM Fest.


You can check the band's upcoming tour dates clicking HERE



MORIBUND OBLIVION was founded in 1999 by singer and guitarist Bahadir Uludaglar. Apart from bands like PENTAGRAM (also known as MEZARKABUL) and CROSSFIRE, these four guys from Istanbul are the most well-known metal band from their country. The band plays the type of Black Metal that rages forward chaotically and apocalyptically at times, but also has many breaks, lots of melodies, clean vox, some gloomy atmospheres and twists and turns all wrapped around their blackish musical theme.


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