JorZine - HAYAJAN - New Album Released

HAYAJAN - New Album Released


Arabic Alternative Rock band HAYAJAN has released its new album titled "Ya Bay". The album, which is the band's first full length album, contains eight original and two cover tracks ("Confortably Numb" from PINK FLOYD and "Nude" from RADIOHEAD) which have been arranged with Arabic lyrics.


You can download "Ya Bay" for free or paying what you want clicking HERE



HAYAJAN was formed in 2011 by YouTube a cappella singer Alaa Wardi, consisting of four Jordanian members and one Saudi Arabia-based Iranian. The band made its debut in 2011 with the release of their single "Ween El-Kalam" on YouTube. Reception was great and reviews hailed HAYAJAN as the Arabic COLDPLAY.


You can check the band's videoclip of the song "Ya 7weneh" below or clicking HERE



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