JorZine - HEX - Debut Album Out In May 2013

HEX - Debut Album Out In May 2013


The self-titled debut album by HEX will be released on May 28th 2013 via logic(il)logic Records. Thirteen tracks of modern, dark and mysterious hard'n'heavy featuring horror-inspired lyrics and catchy refrains that will get stuck in your head. The track list is as follows:

1. Succubus
2. Little Devil Ride
3. Ave Satani
4. Voodoo Girl
5. Hellbound
6. Intermission
7. 7even
8. Dead Inside
9. Grub Girl
10. Sin Eater
11. Lady Death
12. Spider Baby
13. Haunted Hill



The cover was made by Jonas Beijer and the artwork by Edward J. Freak (Superhorrorfuck's frontman).

On the label's YouTube channel you can listen to "Voodoo Girl", the first extract from the album, check it here.

HEX are:

Jonas Hygren - Vocals
Jerker Johansson - Guitar
Jörgen Svärd - Lead Guitar
Micke Backelin - Drums
Timo Hagström - Bass


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