JorZine - MORMANT DE SNAGOV - Reveal Cover And Tracklist For Upcoming Album

MORMANT DE SNAGOV - Reveal Cover And Tracklist For Upcoming Album


Finnish Black Metallers MORMANT DE SNAGOV revealed the cover artwork and tracklist for their upcoming full-length album "Derisive Philosophy". The album, which is the band's second opus, is made of 7 aggressive and haunting Black Metal tracks adorned by melodious darkness and freezing cold atmospheres, and is set to be released on Pest Records this Summer. Definitely the band's best material to date, "Derisive Philosophy" will establish MORMANT DE SNAGOV among the most important Finnish Black Metal exports ever!





1. Comatose
2. Divine Dismemberment
3. The End of My Thoughts
4. Detrimental Edict
5. Abnormities
6. Transient Lunar Phenomenon
7. The Triumph


MORMANT DE SNAGOV was founded in 2008 by Domnul Cadavru in Southwest Finland. The aim of the band was to create stripped-down Black Metal. The band respects classical Black Metal influences immensely, but also explores new territories boldly and adds new aspects to the genre. As the name of the band suggests, Domnul Cadavru is fascinated by the Southeast European legends; some of the lyrics are dealing with such concepts as immortality and the resurrection of evil.


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