JorZine - SEPULTURA - Drummer Sitting Out Shows On European Tour

SEPULTURA - Drummer Sitting Out Shows On European Tour


Drummer Eloy Casagrande of Sepultura was injured while performing with the band in Bourg-en-Bresse, France and will be forced to sit out Sepultura's next few shows in order to recover. Casagrande is recovering well and is expected to rejoin the band on stage on May 7th in Poitiers, France. For the Spanish dates, Kevin Foley (Benighted/Nervecell) will play for Sepultura as a session drummer. 

Eloy's latest update: "No big deal as you all can see! I'm feeling a lot better already. Thank you all for the get well thoughts!"

In other news, InterFace Filmes has launched a crowd-funding campaign to make the long awaited documentary about Sepultura's incredible 30-year journey. Head over to that link to watch a sneak peek of the documentary.

Filmmaker Otavio Juliano has been following Sepultura for the better part of 2010-2013. This story will go through Sepultura's history, myths, conflicts, personnel changes and struggles with the Internet economy in the early 2000s as well as rare interviews. The filmmaker has opened Sepultura's vault and dig into the best rare and unseen footage of the last 30 years.

Source: Metalstorm.


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