JorZine - BADER NANA - New Album For Streaming And Free Download

BADER NANA - New Album For Streaming And Free Download


Kuwait-based Lebanese guitarist BADER NANA has set his new album titled "Anthology" for streaming and FREE DOWNLOAD. The album features 8 songs with heart warming melodies and a dark feel that will keep your senses thrilled through the record. The guitarist took full charge of handling all the instruments whilst featuring the returning guest musician Ramzi Ramman on a guitar solo and his brother Ziad Ramman on percussion on the song "11:11".


You can listen to "Anthology" in its entirety or download it for free clicking HERE



"Anthology" stands out with it's intricate parts and progressive arrangements, whilst introducing strong themes and memorable melodies. This will be the artist's sophomore album, after making his debut in 2011 with "Wormwood".

BADER NANA talks about the album's feel stating: "I wanted to go for something a bit different this time around; something darker, progressive, heavy, but still soaked with layers and melodies all around". He added: "I believe that this album tells a lot of interesting stories about personal and fictional tales that I have come across and have inspired me since 'Wormwood'".


About the album's recording process, Bader stated "I really enjoy being able to sink my senses into each of the instruments and experiment with so many different sounds, it's sonically liberating and allows me to further express myself and be true to each of the song's essence and sound identity." He continues "Ramzi is a true inspiration to me and to have him featured on another record is a true honor; he plays a killer solo that adds so much flavor to the record."


Speaking of influences and inspirations, the Lebanese guitarist cites NEAL MORSE, DREAM THEATER and SYMPHONY X as his main influences coming into the writing/production of this record. The album's been in the making for over a year now and the making-of process has been a musical journey for BADER NANA, who describes it saying: "The making of 'Anthology' has truly been a learning experience for me as a musician. I really wanted the album to have a specific sound and feel; I feel like it picks up where 'Wormwood' left off and evolves into something fresh and steps into new boundaries". He continues, "I hope that everyone enjoys listening to his album as much as I enjoyed the process of making it".

You can check several videos of "Anthology" recording sessions at the guitarist's Official Website


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