JorZine - FROSTAGRATH - New Album Tracklist Revealed

FROSTAGRATH - New Album Tracklist Revealed


Egyptian Depressive Black Metal one-man band FROSTAGRATH has revealed the tracklist of its upcoming album titled "Extinguishing The Flame Of Life". The album, which is expected to be available this summer, follows up the band's debut "A Journey Of Infinite Sorrow", which was released earlier this year through Rigorism Production & Kadaath Records.





1 - A Gate Of Inner hate.
2 - Drowning In Maze Of Mirrors.
3 - Anti
4 - Questioning A Disharmonic Existence
5 - Extinguishing the flame of life
6 - Escape:Farewell Life
7 - And Finally, Death Caverns Will Carry Out My Soul



As we previously reported, the band's only member Lord Mist will take part as guest vocalist on the song "Screaming From Inside" from the upcoming album of the Iraqi Depressive Black Metal band XATHRITES


FROSTAGRATH recently set its debut album "A Journey Of Infinite Sorrow" for streaming and FREE DOWNLOAD. You can check it out clicking HERE


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